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** Logic Puzzle of the Day **
Enter digits in blank cells so that every row, every column, every 3x3 block and every main diagonal contain all digits from 1 to 9.

All puzzles on this site are created with our own computer program. Every Sudoku has a unique solution and is solvable without guessing.

Free Diagonal or X-Sudokus as well as Even-Odd Sudokus to play online or print out. New puzzles every Wednesday!

This Sudoku has been solved 78 times.

Sudoku Variations


In contrast to classic Sudoku puzzles, the two diagonals of an X-Sudoku contain all numbers, too. Other names for this variation are Diagonal Sudoku, Diagonal Number Place, taikakusen nanpure, Sudoku X, Kokonotsu, or Dell's Number Place Challenger.

Even-Odd Sudoku

Even-Odd Sudoku are Sudoku puzzles with colored even (or odd) cells. Sometimes this variante is called Even-Odd Number Place, Odd/Even Sudoku oder Guusuu Kisuu Nanpure.

For more information about Sudoku Variations see the article of Ed Pegg Jr. and Instruction booklet (PDF) of the first Sudoku World Championships.

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