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Enter digits in blank cells so that every row, every column, every 3x3 block and every main diagonal contain all digits from 1 to 9.

All puzzles on this site are created with our own computer program. Every Sudoku has a unique solution and is solvable without guessing.

Free Diagonal or X-Sudokus as well as Even-Odd Sudokus to play online or print out. New puzzles every Wednesday!

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1 9:26 22.02.2017 00:22:24

Sudoku Variations


In contrast to classic Sudoku puzzles, the two diagonals of an X-Sudoku contain all numbers, too. Other names for this variation are Diagonal Sudoku, Diagonal Number Place, taikakusen nanpure, Sudoku X, Kokonotsu, or Dell's Number Place Challenger.

Even-Odd Sudoku

Even-Odd Sudoku are Sudoku puzzles with colored even (or odd) cells. Sometimes this variante is called Even-Odd Number Place, Odd/Even Sudoku oder Guusuu Kisuu Nanpure.

For more information about Sudoku Variations see the article of Ed Pegg Jr. and Instruction booklet (PDF) of the first Sudoku World Championships.

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